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Never Activated Parent Portal Account?

If you have never activated your Infinite Campus user account, please complete the request form at icportalsupport and submit requesting a Portal Activation Key and Username.  You will receive a reply within  a few business days.

Forgotten Username and/or Password and have not created Security Preferences for Reset Functionality?

You must first successfully login to the portal using your current password in order to set your email and security preferences which will allow you the ability for future forgotten user name and password resets.  Therefore, if you have forgotten your current username and/or password, please complete the request form at icportalsupport and submit requesting un/pw.

How to Enable the Password Reset Functionality
Existing Users that log in for the first time after the Password Reset functionality is enabled are prompted to create their Security Preferences in order to comply with the new enhanced security requirements. Selecting Yes to the Security Preferences pop-up will direct the user to the User Settings editor where preferences can be set.  The security process must be in place prior to allowing the user to reset a forgotten password.    The User will be asked to provide a valid email address and answer eight Dislike and Like images which will be used to confirm the User's identity during the forgotten password retrieval process.

 Forgotten Password after Security Preferences have been set
User can click on the Forgot Your Password which appears at the top of the Portal Messages.  The Password Reset editor will request your Username. You will be prompted to check your email which will contain a Link.  Once the link is clicked, users must enter security preferences to confirm identity.  At that point, Users can enter a New Password; reenter for accuracy and click submit.

Forgotten Username after Security Preferences have been set 
Users can click on Forgot Your Username? User will be asked to enter their email address. Once entered, click on the Get Username button.  Again, an email will be sent containing the Username.

Instructions to Parents - Updating Information through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal 

At the beginning of each school year, we will require all parent/guardians of existing students to update their data such as address, phone, email, medical, contacts and release information in a online process called OLR Annual Update (see instructions/video below).  Once the Annual Update process is closed (12/20/16), all updates should be done as follows:

Step 1

Go to the Berea School website, and click on Popular link (right) and Infinite Campus Parent Portal link .


Type in your Campus Portal Account information and click on the Sign In icon. If you do not have a Username, please click on this link icparentportal complete and submit form to get your Activation Key to create your account.  or....If you have an account and previously had set your security preferences, you can click on the Help button and either the Forgot your Password or Forgot your Username hyperlinks to get an email with account login information.


Click on the Demographics, Household Information and Family Members links on left hand side of screen. Click the Update button to access updatable fields.  Once done, click on the Send Update button.

Please login and submit your changes throughout the year. We need to have your most up-to-date information at all times.

Please note:  Address and custody changes should be submitted but are subject to approval by the Registrar upon verification of documentation.Please contact your student’s school if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you!


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